Payment Security

At PayCentral we take the payment security as the highest priority. We make every possible effort to ensure a safe transaction between a payer and the vendor. Security of your payment means that your money has been received by someone to whom you wanted to pay, without exposing your credit card or banking details.

Below are some of the technical measures PayCental taken to ensure payment security.

  1. PayCentral website uses a secure connection (https) to transfer data between your computer and the server. This ensures that all the data transferred is encrypted and hence secure.
  2. All the data stored on the server is encrypted to make hack proof.
  3. The Servers a periodically checked for any venerability and regularly updated with latest security patches.

Apart from the technical measures payers should take note of some important points for smooth payment through PayCentral.

  1. Never disclose your credit card or banking details to anyone.
  2. Before making a payment cross check that the vendor you are making payment is correct, there can be cases where there are 2 branches of a school with same name in 2 different cities.
  3. Always keep your Payment Reference Number (PRN) with you for future reference.
  4. While making the payment, enter your correct mobile number as it will be used to retrieve the payment details and successful payment alert will be sent on this mobile number.